Cannabis as a cause and a profession

For those who have found my posts helpful, thank you.  Bringing value to others makes me feel like the struggles in my personal journey have meaning.

Cannabis is a cause close to my heart because of the way it has helped with my health and well being, as well as the people I encounter who also use it medicinally.  I was asked by a dear friend recently why I have chosen to devote my time, energy, and career to cannabis.  So I will tell you what I told her because hopefully it will help further understanding about some of the people who choose this path.

I came to cannabis as a patient and saw first what is did for me, it alleviated my symptoms with out making me feel like a totally different person the way many anti-anxiety medications did before.  Through this treatment I was able to reclaim my skillset that had been devastated by crippling anxiety and grief. In this reclamation I found other dedicated people with big plans and the ability to implement them.  I offered to help in my own way if they ever needed it and then focused on finishing my degree program, uncertain of what my personal journey would hold in store for me. They took my offer of help and built upon it in a way that brought me greater stability and an insider’s view to how the industry that provides my medicine works.  In this industry my skills are valued, my gender is not an issue like it would be in some fields.  I feel valued, valuable, and fulfilled even on my most exhausting days.

I told my friend that even though I feel overwhelmed at times I never feel taken advantage of or taken for granted. Many of the people I meet who work in some aspect of the cannabis industry are tireless workers who get to have the added advantage of working for a cause they believe in.  We are good people working together to provide other good people with access to a plant that provides so much relief and benefit to the people who use it.

At the end of the day I feel tired but incredibly blessed to surround myself with the variety of people who do cannabis advocacy, who provide services to the businesses who make this plant available, and the people who benefit from their efforts.


5 thoughts on “Cannabis as a cause and a profession

  1. Cannabis is as much a gateway drug as a McDonald’s apple pie is a path to healthy living. The only reason that a connection has been made between cannabis and harder drugs is because when cannabis is illegal some of the people who sell it illegally also sell other drugs that can contaminate the cannabis. Legalization breaks the gateway by providing a regulatory framework to make sure the product someone buys at a dispensary has been tested for potency, the terpenes that are part of the individual plant’s chemical profile, and whether any potential contaminates or pesticides are present.


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