Reefer Madness Reboot – Jeff Sessions Wants to Go After Legal Medical Marijuana Businesses

In the eyes of the Attorney General I must be a bad person because I use marijuana.  It doesn’t matter that I am highly educated or that in every respect that matters I would be considered a good person.  To him it is simple that marijuana = bad, marijuana user= bad person, there’s nothing quite like having your actions judged but a man who gets his marijuana policy from the Reefer Madness era and his health insurance from the federal government.  He, I have little doubt, doesn’t have to worry about the rising cost of prescriptions or whether his insurance will cover them, but I do.

In the eyes of Jefferey Beauregard Sessions III the men and women who run state legal cannabis businesses are bad people.  I strongly disagree.  These men and women have risked the wrath of the Department of Justice to provide a product that patients like me can trust is free from pesticides, mold and fungus, heavy metals, and the risk of the unknown that comes with dealing within a black market.  States have realized the benefits a legal market for reducing crime and raising tax revenue for their budgets.  Apparently to Jeff Sessions they are bad people too.

As a medical marijuana user I have been able to relieve my migraines, my anxiety that grew in severity in graduate school, and the depression I have been battling for years.  One plant, in various strains has helped me do that.  It isn’t FDA approved and it loses BigPharma a whole lot of money but marijuana has been the the medication that has worked best for me with the least number of side effects. I work a full time job, I pay my taxes, and I vote.

This man who doesn’t know me, doesn’t know the people who work in the industry that makes the medication I use reliable and safe to purchase, and seems to know even less about the laws in the states that govern these medical marijuana programs sees fit to judge us all as criminals and wants our Congress to remove protections for an industry that does so much more good than harm. Who is this man to stand as judge, jury, and executioner over so many people he knows little to nothing about?  His letter to Congress quotes reports from NIDA, which still claims, in a roundabout way, that marijuana is a gateway drug.

My health, and that of so many others who benefit from medical marijuana, is not some political plaything to knock around.  My sincere hope is that there are enough elected officials who understand the dangers of painting so many people with such a broad brush and at least take the time to look beyond tired stoner stereotypes to understand the benefits this industry has had, including reducing opioid use in states where it is legal.