If 2016 Could Just Take A Break From Being Awful That Would Be Great

From losing David Bowie and Prince to Brexit and the 2016 election with its fallout, not to mention personal turmoil, that has made this a leading contender for worst year of the 2010s, if anyone can find the jerk who keeps saying “how can it get any worse” I’ll give you a cookie before we kick the crap out of this guy.  Now we have lost George Michael and Carrie Fisher is in the hospital following a heart attack.  I desperately hope she recovers because she is a total badass.  I also can’t wait for this shit storm of a year to be over.

But then again I can because each day we get closer to the coronation, I mean Inauguration of Donald Trump and that means too many bad things for too many good people.

So here is my hope: I hope that Carrie Fisher fully recovers, that those who fight for equality can protect their gains and prevent losses, and that we can find some way to learn from the divisions in our country and the world to find a way to really hear each other and work toward solutions that benefit the many, not just the few.  Finally I hope that having Jeff Sessions as Attorney General does not turn back the clock on the wave of decriminalization of marijuana use that is sweeping through the states, it would be a shame to have ignorance overrule the will of the people.


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