Green Friday at Black Jack Collective


While everyone else was dashing to the mall for Black Friday I chose to participate in my first Green Friday.  On Black Friday I chose to check out Black Jack Collective, a Las Vegas dispensary, after seeing a flyer for their sale on Facebook.

The exterior of this dispensary is beautifully painted and inviting.  As a new patient at this dispensary I was required to fill out paperwork just like anywhere else.  Once that was done I was brought into the area where I could choose the products I wanted.

This dispensary does a lot with their smaller space.  The bud tenders are knowledgable and patient with each patient who comes in.  Because they were having a sale, and I was a new patient, I was able to get more medical marijuana for my money and let’s face it who couldn’t stand to save a little money this time of year.  I was able to get quick knowledgable service because I had checked out their website before going in and shopping.  I recommend doing this before you go to a dispensary to save yourself time but also to budget ahead since dispensaries can only take cash.

Pictured above is not only what I purchased, but also extra items that were part of the Green Friday promotion.  I purchased an 1/8th of Thin Mint Cookies at regular price and received 1/8th of Super Jack for $5.  One preroll pictured above was a $3 add on and the other was a penny because I was a new patient.  The total for my haul was less than $70 for enough medical marijuana to last me for a while.  Honestly I have enough to be concerned about how to keep it fresh for as long as I will have it.

So I am impressed with Black Jack Collective.  I would have to try a few different strains they offer to find out what works best for me because there is not much overlap between the dispensaries I have been to, which means that I could find a strain that works for me at one dispensary and not be able to find it at another.  The experience was good but the drive there is a bit long so I am only likely to go whenever there is a sale.  I would have liked more testing data on the labels or included with the products, I didn’t think I needed to ask for it because I haven’t had to before.  I have learned never to take anything for granted, if you want the testing data ask for it, I know it isn’t important for all medical marijuana patients to make their decisions about strains but I prefer to have it to understand what works best for me to relieve my symptoms.

Overall, I had a good experience, it isn’t my absolute favorite dispensary but I will definitely go back.


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