If 2016 Could Just Take A Break From Being Awful That Would Be Great

From losing David Bowie and Prince to Brexit and the 2016 election with its fallout, not to mention personal turmoil, that has made this a leading contender for worst year of the 2010s, if anyone can find the jerk who keeps saying “how can it get any worse” I’ll give you a cookie before we kick the crap out of this guy.  Now we have lost George Michael and Carrie Fisher is in the hospital following a heart attack.  I desperately hope she recovers because she is a total badass.  I also can’t wait for this shit storm of a year to be over.

But then again I can because each day we get closer to the coronation, I mean Inauguration of Donald Trump and that means too many bad things for too many good people.

So here is my hope: I hope that Carrie Fisher fully recovers, that those who fight for equality can protect their gains and prevent losses, and that we can find some way to learn from the divisions in our country and the world to find a way to really hear each other and work toward solutions that benefit the many, not just the few.  Finally I hope that having Jeff Sessions as Attorney General does not turn back the clock on the wave of decriminalization of marijuana use that is sweeping through the states, it would be a shame to have ignorance overrule the will of the people.


So Much To Do So Little Time – or Why December Has Been a Slow Month On My Blog.

I have been feeling a bit guilty about not writing.  So much has been going on and deadlines have had me at my wits end and yet through it all I have wanted to share my experiences but haven’t had the time for myself to write. Perhaps in the new year that will change but I make no promises because resolutions are always made to be broken and this isn’t about making promises to myself I can’t keep.  What I can tell you is that very soon there will be more content, maybe even a flood of it because I have the time write now to not be stretched so thin.  I didn’t disappear and I won’t.

I took some time to be with my family where everyone else had to play the role of outsider looking into the tiny window I offered because my family needed a vacation where I could be fully there.  Medical Marijuana has been a tremendous help in this because whenever I have felt overwhelmed or worn thin I could take a step away from it and focus on what really matters to me instead of the stress and fears that obscure the path.  If this doesn’t make much sense I apologize for that but this is how it feels.

I have finished what seemed like a longer than usual semester, it certainly took a lot more out of me than I am used to.  I finally got to take time away from the hustle and bustle to be with my family who have had to be more patient than usual this year.  Nothing brings me more peace than time away in the mountains with the family, especially when there is snow involved.  I have had the chance to spend the holidays with family and friends who remind me to be thankful for the blessings I have and the time we have together.

I have some stories to share soon which include another dispensary review (these guys are great), a cautionary tale, and some strain reviews.  I hope that they will be worth the wait to those who read them.  Happy Holidays!

Green Friday at Black Jack Collective


While everyone else was dashing to the mall for Black Friday I chose to participate in my first Green Friday.  On Black Friday I chose to check out Black Jack Collective, a Las Vegas dispensary, after seeing a flyer for their sale on Facebook.

The exterior of this dispensary is beautifully painted and inviting.  As a new patient at this dispensary I was required to fill out paperwork just like anywhere else.  Once that was done I was brought into the area where I could choose the products I wanted.

This dispensary does a lot with their smaller space.  The bud tenders are knowledgable and patient with each patient who comes in.  Because they were having a sale, and I was a new patient, I was able to get more medical marijuana for my money and let’s face it who couldn’t stand to save a little money this time of year.  I was able to get quick knowledgable service because I had checked out their website before going in and shopping.  I recommend doing this before you go to a dispensary to save yourself time but also to budget ahead since dispensaries can only take cash.

Pictured above is not only what I purchased, but also extra items that were part of the Green Friday promotion.  I purchased an 1/8th of Thin Mint Cookies at regular price and received 1/8th of Super Jack for $5.  One preroll pictured above was a $3 add on and the other was a penny because I was a new patient.  The total for my haul was less than $70 for enough medical marijuana to last me for a while.  Honestly I have enough to be concerned about how to keep it fresh for as long as I will have it.

So I am impressed with Black Jack Collective.  I would have to try a few different strains they offer to find out what works best for me because there is not much overlap between the dispensaries I have been to, which means that I could find a strain that works for me at one dispensary and not be able to find it at another.  The experience was good but the drive there is a bit long so I am only likely to go whenever there is a sale.  I would have liked more testing data on the labels or included with the products, I didn’t think I needed to ask for it because I haven’t had to before.  I have learned never to take anything for granted, if you want the testing data ask for it, I know it isn’t important for all medical marijuana patients to make their decisions about strains but I prefer to have it to understand what works best for me to relieve my symptoms.

Overall, I had a good experience, it isn’t my absolute favorite dispensary but I will definitely go back.

The Results Are In

2016 has been a horrible year for me.  My first attempt at taking the exams I need to finish my graduate degree ended in failure.  The pressure to take and pass these exams the second time was magnified by the fact that a second failure would mean that the degree I seek would be out of my grasp at the institution where I am attending.  I am happy to say that I found out yesterday that I passed.  What I haven’t told most of my friends and family members is that apparently my department has known that I passed and failed to let me know.  I don’t know how long they knew but it doesn’t matter because I am closer to reaching my goal today than I was two weeks ago when I took the exams and that is something to be thankful for.