Daily Prompt: Aromatic

via Daily Prompt: Aromatic

I figured I would give this a try so here goes.

One aspect of medical marijuana that I rarely see covered, though I am sure I am not the first to note, is how the aromatic fragrance of different strains can be calming even before they are smoked.  My favorite strain so far, in terms of smell, is a toss up between Lavender and Fortune Cookies.  Lavender has a piney aroma, thanks to some of its terpenes, that I find very relaxing.  I suppose I have come to enjoy the process of smelling each strain before making a decision to buy.  The aromatic properties of each strain can sometimes clue a patient into the strength of a strain or simply give them an idea of how it will taste.  When a strain is particularly pungent it is referred to as being “loud”, I found this out when I wanted to find a strain that was effective but not overwhelmingly pungent.  I mentioned Fortune Cookies but honestly I could not tell you without grabbing some what it smells like to me, all I can tell you is that the smell is sweeter, probably closer to piney, and absolutely not skunky.  That’s my little blurb about the aromatic properties I have noticed about cannabis.  If you also use cannabis I would love to hear what you think as well as what strains you think have the best smell and taste.  The two I have mentioned I would definitely consider a joy to smoke.


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