Fighting My Own Dragon-Keeping My Anxiety At Bay

If you have read my blog from the beginning then you already know my anxiety became a beast that I could no longer ignore.  As I was preparing for the final attempt at passing my comprehensive exams, literally the only thing between me and the graduate degree I have been pursuing, my anxiety became crippling.  So I turned to medical marijuana.  Yesterday was the big day for my exams.

In the final days leading up to these exams caffeine and cannabis were my dearest friends in the last push to prepare.  Lavender was my strain of choice to get through the week and that is why it is my latest strain review.

The night before my exam I chose to step away from the notes, have dinner with the family and then enjoy a one of my favorite strains, which I have not reviewed yet, Fortune Cookies.  Hubby and I sat by the fire pit in the back yard, smoked a bowl, and discussing the exams under the bright light of the moon.  It was relaxing and it helped.  Yesterday when I went in for my exams I was at peace.  I was determined to leave it all out on the field in a manner of speaking, and I refused to let it trigger my anxiety.  Besides, I would remind myself, I would get to smoke when I got home to either celebrate, unwind or both.

So the exams are behind me and I am waiting for the results.  Saying this isn’t stressful would be a total lie but I am more at peace than I was the first time around and I am glad I have medical marijuana for the times when my anxiety rears its monstrous head, because at least for a while I can keep it at bay.


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