Lavender-Heavy Hitting Sweet Relief

5/5 Overall Relief



4/5 Productivity

5/5 Relaxation

3/5 Frisky

Lavender is a potent Indica which for me is a one hit wonder if I want to still be productive.  It has a floral smell and a slightly sweet taste that makes it a very enjoyable experience whether it is smoked in a peanut pipe, bubbler, or regular pipe.  I have smoked this strain a handful of times this week and one hit kept my anxiety at bay, allowed me to focus, and provided overall relaxation.  Like many strains a few hours after smoking I have been relaxed enough to fall asleep.  Unlike those other strains I don’t feel like I have been in a canna-coma, I just feel refreshed and have less difficulty waking up.  When I use the term canna-coma I just mean that strain puts me into a deep sleep that leaves me groggy when I wake up.  Two or three hits of this beauty have left me very mellow and a little giggly while being a little fuzzy around the edges.  I have an extremely low tolerance so a little goes a long way.  I didn’t feel extra frisky but as with any other strain I have experienced if you are in the mood it will only enhance it with the right stimulation.

Attributes: Organically grown

D9-THC-A: 26.2%   CBD: 0.03%  Myrcrene: 6.115mg  THC: 23.5mg  A-Pinene: 2.682mg/g  B-Caryophyllene: 2.570mg

img_2734This is a marvelous strain from Green Life Productions and if their other products prove to be just as fantastic then I may find myself gravitating toward their offerings at dispensaries.



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