SinMint Cookies-The Gift That Keeps on Giving

SinMint Cookies

4/5 Overall Rating

3/5 Ability to be Productive

5/5 Relaxation

4/5 Frisky

Sin Mint Cookies is best smoked through a bubbler; it was too harsh in my peanut pipe.  Two hits were enough to calm my anxiety and still be relatively productive, any more than that and this strain becomes more useful for bringing greater relaxation at the cost of productivity.  That is not necessarily a bad thing.  Sin Mint Cookies also offered a euphoric, floaty feeling.  I was very relaxed and saw an increase to my sex drive*.  Keep the snacks handy for post frisky activities or just generally after you smoke because you will have a mild case of the munchies.

Here is the breakdown of cannabinoids and terpines present in the batch I smoked:

D9-THC-A 26.63%    CBD 0.05%   D-Limonene 2.93mg   B-Caryphyllene 4.65mg  Linalool 1.65mg

*For more about the topic of weed and sex there will be a follow up post.


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