Nevada Voters Spoke – Question 2 Passed!

Nevada gets to count itself among the minority of states that have legalized the recreational use of marijuana thanks to the turnout of Nevada voters who answered yes on Question 2.  Last night at Leafly’s Yes on 2 Election watch party, a mingling of the hearts and minds that supported the ballot referendum, the mood was mixed until the results were announced.  The 2016 election has been a trying experience and watching the results unfold was nerve wracking, enough that some medical marijuana patients expressed relief that they had had the foresight to have their medication of choice available at home after the event.

However, the news we had been hoping to hear, and had been watching election coverage on sites like Google for, came in around 10 pm local time.  Question 2 passed!  High fives and hugs all around!  It didn’t matter if you were a Hillary supporter or a Trump supporter on this one issue we could agree that the time had come in Nevada to decriminalize marijuana.

Moving forward, those of us who supported this issue will have plenty of work ahead of us to make sure that Nevada stands out as a state that legalized and regulates marijuana in a way that makes sense.  Out of this shit storm of an election cycle at least we can say some good came out of it.


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