My First Strain Review – Grape Krush

4/5 Overall Experience  

2/5 Ability to be Productive

5/5 Relaxation

4/5 Frisky

My first review is about the first strain I tried as a medical marijuana user, Grape Krush.  Smoked in a peanut pipe, three hits were enough to cause a feeling of euphoria, relaxation, and reduced inhibitions.  The smoke was mellow and tasted good, and I wasn’t left with cottonmouth.  Some technical information and a breakdown of the cannabinoids most prevalent in this strain are noted below.  For me it isn’t enough to see that a strain has some useful effect, I want to understand if there is also a trend.  If you are a medical marijuana user, I would definitely encourage you to become very familiar with the chemical profile of the strains you use to see if a pattern emerges for you as well.

Grape Krush – Indica

D9-THC-A  9.80%  CBD  0.02%  THC 9mg  D-Limonene  0.299mg  A-Pinene  0.761g

B-Caryophyllene  0.744mg

How does Grape Krush fit into treating my anxiety, insomnia, or depression?

Grape Krush helped me relax a great deal.  In fact it felt like all of my stress and physical pain melted away for a while so I could enjoy the moment.  It also helped me sleep soundly and deeply.  As for the depression, it’s hard to say but I can tell you that after a full night of sleep it was easier to try a more positive perspective than I have had in a while.  However, I was not able to focus or think as clearly as I had hoped to be able to do work.  So for me, Grape Krush is great for relaxation but not for use when I need to be functional, meaning the ability to read, analyze, and write.


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