How This All Started-Getting Legal

I am a long time college student among many other things.  Grief and loss among the pressures to succeed have pushed anxiety issues and migraines that I have always had to some extent before into nearly debilitating issues that have made my goals seem even further out of my grasp.  I hit a turning point after an argument with my husband that led to an anxiety attack where I was found in my closet, curled up in a ball and sobbing.  I had failed at a major stepping stone for my goals and my anxiety fed off of fears that I was not capable and that I was failing at every aspect of my life that mattered.  So after considering options that hadn’t worked in the past, I considered seeking out information about how medical marijuana could help.

Getting legal:

Following a friend’s advice I looked into getting legal in Nevada and though it isn’t an inexpensive process, the benefits make up for it.

I requested an application for the Medical Marijuana Program and I sought out a doctor to see if medical marijuana was the option for me after doing some research.  That doctor wrote a recommendation that I included with my application that I sent along with a registration fee to obtain my card.  There are fees throughout this process that can get costly including doctor’s referral fees which vary.  An important thing to remember is to ensure your doctor is in good standing and that everything in your application is complete because if there is anything amiss your application can be rejected.

My next post will discuss my first experience at a dispensary.  I hope this helps someone other than me.


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