A New Adventure – My First Dispensary Experience

For the uninitiated, an experience like going to a dispensary for the first time can seem to be a little nerve wracking.  I reached out to my friend in the know about such things once I was officially legal and asked where do I go?  There are dispensaries that offer discounts to new clients and the like.  For people like me who experimented as a teenager the idea of going to a business whose purpose was to sell you marijuana and offer guidance is a bit mind blowing.  I was a little nervous and very overwhelmed.  Did I want to go to a dispensary closer to home? Or did I want to go to a dispensary based on who owned it and what their values were?  For some people this may not matter, but for me, I care very much about the reasons someone wants to sell me something as controversial as marijuana.  He pointed me to the only dispensary in the United States owned only by women: Sahara Wellness.  You can check out their website if you are 21 years old or older to see for yourself just how friendly an experience they provide (http://420sahara.com)

Walking in I had to provide my card as identification, fill out a couple of short forms and then patiently wait in a beautiful lobby that you would expect to find in an expensive health spa.  The atmosphere was soothing and the scrolling menu board allowed me to see a little of what they offered before being invited back.  Once invited in I was greeted by Brenda who is honestly one of the most patient and informative people I have ever met.  I let her know my chief concerns and we discussed which strains and products might be right for me.  She encouraged me to keep a journal, which I have done and find to be very helpful.  We discussed flowers, which for the uninitiated it’s what you smoke, edibles, pipes, and pharmaceuticals (Trokie lozenges specifically).  You get to smell the strains of flowers you are interested in and decide the amount you would like to purchase.  In Nevada medical marijuana patients can only have up to 2.5 ounces per 2 weeks.  This is more than double the amount allowable for recreational use once the new law in Nevada goes into effect where recreational users will only be allowed to possess 1 ounce.

We discussed edibles and the different ways they effect people.  The key to edibles is to start small. You can always take more but you can’t take less if you overdo it which is very easy to do.  Since I am a fan of dark chocolate I decided to buy some to try when I didn’t have anywhere I needed to be or anything I needed to do for several hours just in case.  I decided to wait on pharmaceuticals like Trokie because of a limited budget and I wanted to test the waters before investing too much into a treatment I wasn’t completely certain about.

The owners and staff at Sahara Wellness were amazingly patient and knowledgeable, by far a better experience than I could have imagined.


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